How it went down at the Zimba Women and Davis College info-session.

On 9th November 2019, Zimba Women together with Davis college held an event themed Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution which was aimed at examining the implications for schools, educators and students and how together we can redefine career readiness and better prepare students for an uncertain future. The event also introduced Davis College to Uganda.

The traditional avenues of employment are being challenged by digitalization in the workplace. New emerging technologies like virtual reality, cloud technology, Robotics, and Machine learning have penetrated every major industry. From healthcare to law enforcement, entertainment and education, almost every workplace and every job has already been affected in some way on a scale that is not reflected in the school curriculum. The Challenge now is how can we redesign an education system that is tailored toward equipping students with skills needed for future jobs.

Sherifah Tumusiime and Peace Kuteesa the Co-Founders, Zimba Women were on hand to open the event. Esther Bugaiga the special projects manager in the marketing department at Davis College gave a keynote speech on the theme Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With her working history at Davis College where she assumed several roles in Operations and logistics, Students Recruitment and Communications and her passion for education, women and social justice, Esther has gained vast industry experience and shared her views and opinions toward the topic. In addition, she used this opportunity to introduce Davis College and their vision for implementing their unique model of personalized and affordable higher education as well as the application process and fees structure. 

In order for people to benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, they are going to have to broaden their skill sets and learn about these new technologies. 

The panel made up of Charity Mugasha the Marketing and Sales Lead at Design without Borders, Isabel Odida the Business Development Director – Africa at The Network Centre, Benjamin Rukwengye, the Founder and CEO of Boundless minds, Hirego Susan, the President of Rego Foundation, and Peace Dorothy Nyangoma, the Business Engagement Manager at Stanbic Bank – Uganda moderated by our CEO; Sherifah Tumusiime discussed various key topics around the theme.

Participants discussed topics including the role of the private sector in education, how education systems can prepare for future change in terms of skill development to match future job requirements, what skills will students and teachers will need and how can we ensure that these emerging technologies are harnessed to benefit all.

Where do we go from here?

  • Adapt the education curricula to reflect the skills that will be in demand in the future including problem solving, critical thinking, communication and leadership skills
  • Create centres of excellence to maximize talent pool.
  • Cultivate an environment that encourages continuous research across industries in all sectors.
  • Develop policies that promote lifelong learning.
  • Re-training for teachers.

“The honours are on each one of us to plant seeds and create awareness in our homes to prepare our children for the Fourth Industrial Revolution” – Peace Nyangoma, Business Engagement manager at Stanbic Bank Uganda

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and we must prepare for it. In as much as the existing education system is not all bad, it is still lacking in several areas and as the world develops at such a fast pace, we need to develop along with it. As individuals, we need to create ensure an inclusive and enabling environment to benefit succeed through the fourth industrial revolution

By Melisa Joyce Nagitta

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