My #ZimbaImpactStory – Catherine Aliso

By Catherine Aliso

Listening to several of Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi’s talks and reading some of her writings; her views on women, coupled with my personal experiences in society as a woman compelled me to look out for the good of women and be an advocate for them. But first, I needed a starting point. I wanted to belong somewhere, and I totally had no idea where to start until I run into one of the Zimba women posts on social media in 2018.

I have grown to believe that women need a tribe, where they can speak one language; share common challenges and have them addressed as it was in the days of those before, an idea one can hardly sell to the women of the present times…

I can confidently say that I found a women’ s tribe at Zimba women, whose meetings I have only attended twice but have had an enormous impact in my life. First was women’s day 2018 and the latter was this year’s women’s day. The major impact it has had on me is on my public speaking skills ; usually , everyone is given a platform to express themselves.

During my first attendance, I watched one particular lady probably in her late thirties rise up to speak… What struck me was her inability to control emotions while speaking; she actually cried in the process and i ended up crying too because I had the same problem with her…

A few minutes later after wiping my tears off and other people had spoken too, I rose up to say something and that was the starting point of my life; I was actually too surprised at my confidence that I don’t remember what I said.

From then on, I’m now more composed while speaking during meetings at work, I’m more bold and recently went to one of the SOS children’s villages; where I befriended a few teenage girls, whom I intend to impart with feminist skills and the boldness there in.

Catherine Aliso

I have also learned to present myself as a Lady, staying neat irrespective of the industry to which I belong. I have learned to put more emphasis on my opinions without shying away.

I was particularly motivated by the life stories of Mary Helda Akongo, the Chief Fixer at Zimba women and that of Peace Kuteesa, the co- founder of Zimba women, both of whom I listened to in my attendance.

Zimba women has enabled me to meet amazing people such as Ms Angela Mirembe Ssemogerere, whose eloquence swept me off my feet. Her passion for ICT actually awakened my thirst for information technology and I have looked up to her since.

Thank you so much Zimba Women for how you have impacted my life in such a short time.

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