My #ZimbaImpactStory – Lynnet Nerima

By Lynnet Nerima

With an introverted personality, a number of people I approached gave me the response of ” you are not ready” to start my own beauty, health and well-being brand, the rejection spoke volumes in my mind, my hope flickered, but the fire didn’t burn out.Facebook became my muse as I kept stalking and admiring these women entrepreneurs.

I came across a post one day around the month of May 2018 which was about the Funzi entrepreneurship training online program that was being facilitated by “Zimba women”. It was my first time reading about them, so I did a little background check, and I said to myself as I was filling in the Google form, “I don’t know how much motivation they will offer but I’m gonna get as much as I can”

Fast forward through the Funzi Entrepreneurship training, I got to accept my personality and use it’s strengths to grow my own beauty, health and well-being brand,(am so excited and proud of who I have become).

A once shy lady with fear of public speaking, from the various one to one sessions from last year to the follow up this year, the team has motivated us endlessly and with this I have identified safe space for my voice, I ask more, I am more intentional with my actions, I also managed set up a viable business strategy for my brand, I am looking into hiring a small team to actuate our vision and mission and all these I was able to learn while under the wings of Zimba Women, and I can confidently say I have gained the necessary skill sets to access not only Ugandan, but also global markets.

Thank you Zimba women!!!

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