How it all went down at the first Zimba Women Cocktails and Conversations Event.

On August 17th 2019, we held our very first Cocktails ‘n Conversations event at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel. It was an intimate and fun session that gathered more than 60 male/female entrepreneurs and career men/women across various industries for an interactive session on “ Achieving work life balance”

Work-life balance is something that many people  are often at war with. A demanding career makes things even more difficult, Between the deluge of emails, back-to-back meetings, and nonstop deadlines, finding the perfect balance of professional and social life can be quite hard to achieve especially for today’s woman who is always caught in the middle with both arms extended trying to balance everything. 

The conversations.
The event was a success thanks to the panelists and moderator  who brought their expertise and experience and engaged in such a fruitful, constructive and  open exchange throughout the session. 

Left to right ( Josephine Karungi, Sherifah Tumusiime, Dr. Stella Kivila, Ck Japeth,  Janat Nambi, Peace Kuteesa, Elizabeth Ntege)

The panel was moderated by Josephine karungi, the head of news at NTV Uganda. Her invaluable contribution as the moderator on the topic helped in making this forum a great success.

Elizabeth Ntege the Director and co-owner NFT consult Group, a human resource management firm that offers Services to the East Africa  believes work life balance is a myth and believes that both women and men should focus on achieving work-life integration. “ I have found that getting people to help with my duties at home has allowed me to maintain the work life balance in need” she added. 

Your ideal work-life balance will depend on your career goals, life stage, and family or social commitments, and it will likely change over time.Ck Japeth, the Founder of the Innovation Village, Uganda’s launch pad for leading innovators and entrepreneurs expressed the importance of  having one’s priorities clear in both the work and personal space as an essential part in maintaining a healthy work life balance.

Without a clear vision of what you want to achieve, you may not be able to achieve work-life balance. He agrees with Elizabeth that there is no such thing as work- life balance, only work life integration.

Janat Nambi is a life coach dedicated to working with individuals who are seeking to work through challenges and blocks holding them back from finding fulfillment in life. She has found that depending on what stage you are in life and what your career and personal goals maybe, you will be required to invest more hours at work than in your personal and social life and the reverse is true.

When you are caught up in situations where you find that your energy levels are low, change your circumstances, if it means taking a few months off work to re-calibrate back into your energy balance  or leaving the job, do whatever you believe is best for you. You cannot pour from an empty cup and therefore take care of yourself first and will find that everything will fall into place.

She further added that fear of what society will say can be the greatest reason you don’t soar into the best version of yourself or take action towards your goals as sometimes people are living a life that’s not truly theirs due to fear of what society might say. “Truth is everyone will have an opinion in whatever you are doing with your life but why should it matter what people are saying?” She asked.

Guests at the event

Dr. Stella Kivila is a qualified pharmacist, seasoned trainer, speaker and consultant who helps businesses including healthcare organizations build high performance teams that accelerate sales and social impact. She is also a mentor, board member and a national coordinator with a Havard-borne mentoring initiative called Girls4Girls. Stella believes work-life balance is  about integration and that we are all in very different places in life; one’s idea of balance  may not work for another.

There are different seasons of life. One season will require more work than life especially in the building phase of an initiative. Another season will require more life than work when the results start streaming in. Whichever season you are in, enjoy the process.  it’s vital to find your purpose because life is short but it’s also very long. Stella found that empowering women and teams to become the best version of themselves is her happy place and therefore even when she is working, it doesn’t feel like work because she enjoys and loves what she does. 

networking after session

Zimba impact stories 

Every year, we get to work with women from all walks of life, supporting them through their  business journeys. We asked the ladies to share their Zimba impact stories and we received many amazing stories, however  four  women wrote incredibly beautiful stories of impact and as a result got themselves free  tickets to the cocktails and conversations event. The ladies got a chance to share their stories with the audience and it is amazing to know that the work we do does have a positive impact on their lives moving forward. We are glad to have them as part of the Zimba women family.

The cocktails 

SIQcocktails setup

 We had amazing  cocktails during the session catered by SIQcocktails, they kept us coming for more. Thank you SIQcocktails for making our event a success.

In conclusion,  You can’t have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you therefore, set clear intentions and work towards them. In this increasingly connected world it can be especially difficult to separate the work and personal life however finding harmony between the two  will dramatically change your life for the better. Remember, you work to live, you don’t live to work so take the necessary steps today towards defining what work-life balance means to you and strive to create harmony between the two.

 It was a very fun and informative and interactive session that left everyone inspired to take action towards defining what work-life balance means to them. We are grateful to everyone who was apart of our event and look forward to having even more beautiful sessions with you all.

Here is a link to the images from the event.

By Melisa Joyce Nagitta

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