The techies behind Zimba Women: Joan Nantambi

By Maria Natukunda

It is not common to hear a lady say she loves Mathematics, which makes our Head of Technology, Joan Nantambi, such a unique and exceptional woman to work with.

This academic giant excitedly shares; “The challenge of thinking and the process of logic always attract me to Mathematical problems, however difficult and regardless of the form in which they come.”

She graduated from Uganda Christian University with a Bachelors in Computer Science and currently heads the Tech department at Zimba Women, and also assists in project planning projects. With skills in basic programming in; Java, JavaScript, R, C++ and HTML.

She is also the Business Development Director at Infinity Computers and Communications Company (i3c), where she is in charge of web development, identifying new markets for the company as well as coming up with export strategies and documents.

Joan at the 2017 Zimba Women Technology For Business Summit.

For her, life is one big math problem where one has to master the right formula in order to achieve the desired result. She always wanted to be in a field that would allow her to continue to use and develop her math skills. Having always been curious on discovering how things work… and programming gave her that chance.

She plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science and later own her own tech company or serve as a Chief Technology Officer in an international organisation. This desire is equally fueled by people who think that a girl cannot be a programmer, the one thing she says has been a big challenge for her thus far.

“If you were interviewed for a job with a male,” she adds, “he would most probably get it.” A woman, if given the job, will have to work twice as hard to prove her ability to deliver as required. She, therefore, wants to continue to help young people (especially women) to get into programming by giving them a place where they can come learn the necessary skills.

Thankfully, some organisations are getting on board with allowing women to be programmers. A referral led her to Zimba Women, where they helped her learn to believe in herself and her work and creativity.

When she’s not glued to her computer screen, she enjoys reading thriller and mystery novels, swimming and watching movies and series, specifically Crime and Sci-Fi. She also loves playing best aunt to her two nieces.

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