The techies behind Zimba Women: Sheena Konkunda

By Maria Natukunda

At 28 years old, Sheena Kokunda is a graduate in Electronics who has spent her career, thus far, doing Software/Systems development. This she attributes to a friend who interested her in technology and taught her everything she knows in the ICT field.

She graduated from the Multimedia University, Malaysia with a major in Telecommunications and is now interested in integrating her technical skills with Business and Project Management to improve existing, as well as discover innovative solutions to address various challenges in the field of ICT.

Sheena is a self-motivated and results oriented woman in tech, who is passionate about helping businesses grow their efficiency to 99.9%. She is inspired by the ability to build something from nothing and solving existing problems or improving the efficiency of what already exists.

She envisions championing the strategic development of highly impactful products/services in Uganda, backed by the best software developed in Uganda.

The biggest challenge, she says, is that many people/organizations want great solutions but at very low costs. “Many of them do not understand the time, effort, knowledge and tools that go into providing the best products/services,” she adds.

Getting people to appreciate the work of software developers/engineers is an on-going challenge that will hopefully get better with time. In many cases, they are pushed to compromise because they have to make ends meet, but everyone has a limit.

Sheena was introduced to Zimba Women by one of the founding directors, Sherifah Tumusiime, on merit for her excellent performance at a previous engagement. She then worked with them on their website development projects – redesigning the website for World Bank’s Global Forum on Law, Justice, and Development.

She believes that many other women in tech can benefit from what Zimba Women is doing. The organization’s wide reach has given her the opportunity to work with organizations that would have previously been considered out of her range.

“Opportunities like this can greatly improve my posture in Uganda’s tech space, and open more doors for me. And for this, I am eternally grateful, she concluded.

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