How it all went down at the #IWD book discussion event.

By Stella Kiwanuka

Nice Girls don’t get the corner office focusses on the mistakes that women make in their careers that prevent them from reaching their full potential and achieving the success they want.

Lois P Frankel tackles different topics that range from attaining self-confidence, managing office politics, and personal branding etcetera.

Zimba Women in collaboration with The U.S Embassy and the Innovation village hosted a panel discussion of this book in celebration of International Women’s day at the Innovation Village in Ntinda.


The vibrant and phenomenal panel consisted of; Suzan Parker Burns the Public Affairs Officer of the U.S Mission, Allen Asiimwe the Executive Director of AVID Development and Angella Mirembe the General Manager of Kafeero Foundation

The Panel was led and moderated by one of our founders, Peace Kuteesa.

During the discussion, Angella Mirembe stressed the significance of self-presentation in our day-to-day lives. She shared that she dresses to go against the tide.

She was quoted saying, “I don’t have time to read through 10 pages of a résumé, but I will definitely check your social media. Your online presence says a lot about you as a person and determines a lot.


Personal branding is key. The young generation has a terrible attention span and has an 8 sec window to present themselves or be impressed. Branding is key.”

Suzan Parker Burns expressed her views on the significance of speaking up and being present.

“Undervaluing your efforts and achievements is another way women sabotage their careers. Own it, you put in the work, so own it and give yourself credit.”

– Suzan Parker-Burns

She advised, “Make your presence remembered and felt. Speak up! Contribute! You need to present and be engaged when having a conversation with someone so that you leave a good impression.”

She made an observation stating “For the time I have been in Uganda, women always sit back to take notes instead of rubbing in and making presentations. The culture here is limiting, and women should stand up more.”


Allen Asiimwe posed a rhetoric question to the audience, “What values are informing your thinking? Find out what your weakness and strengths are because if you don’t know yourself, you will be shaken. “She added.

“Sisterhood is a great investment for a woman. They will always support you and propel you further. You will make it big only if you learn to play the game. “

Allen Asiimwe

She also pointed out that it is important to play the office game.

“Women need to understand office politics, know where deals are made and also try to belong to something because the deals are not made in the office. Join different clubs for networking purposes eg Rotary, Investment clubs, etc.

Through different reactions from the audience, in conclusion, Virtues like togetherness, sisterhood, and awareness of the work environment were stressed to keep the woman in a workplace aware of the changing dynamics in the work environment and also propel her towards achieving her career goals.

“If you know you are standing on the truth and justice then you have a right to be firm. What you don’t have a right to be is bitchy and nasty. Be fair and good but also trust your instinct when it comes to human nature.”

– Allen Asiimwe

The event was very successful and life-changing. The participants got an opportunity to share their stories and their experiences with each other. Pledges were made, tears were shed, laughter resonated across the room and connections were made.



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